Iulian Stanciu, eMAG: “Don’t try to build the company on your own.”

Behind the impressive growth that is channelling eMAG to become a billion-dollar player in the tech industry lie the efforts of a team of thousands of individuals. But this is not the traditional e-commerce, Amazon-like story, it’s the story of Iulian Stanciu, the man who built this company. We asked him how he managed to predict the way the financial crisis will impact the industry, what are the challenges he encountered by now or what are the main mistakes young entrepreneurs in this field can make. All these and much more from this fireside chat that took place on the main stage of How to Web Conference 2016.

Watch the video below or read the interview transcription to get the most of this insightful conversation with Iulian Stanciu, CEO eMAG.

Startup Investment Tips to Follow in 2017


Happy New Year to each of you! If you are a CEE tech entrepreneur, especially from CEE, looking for investment opportunities we have extracted for you 25 startup investment tips from investors Vitaly Golomb (HP Ventures), Ondrej Bartos (Credo Ventures), and Tak Lo (Zeroth.ai)  from their panel discussions at How to Web Conference 2016. If you want to see what else you should consider in 2017 to jump-start or boost your financial situation, check out the video on our Youtube channel

Startup Marketing Tips from Anabela Luca, CEO AdLemonade

Startups founders sometimes underestimate the importance of marketing in their development and growth strategy. But both PR & marketing are key factors for the overall success of your business. We talked with Anabela Luca, CEO of AdLemonade, to find out which are the most important startup marketing tips that founders should take to increase their performance. Check out the video below for some very useful startup marketing tips.

How to build a strong startup culture. 6 insights from Noel Pullen, Senior Director of Technology, Hootsuite

A manager has to deal with multiple responsibilities. Some of them are easy, while others, such as managing the team, motivating people, working with tight deadlines, can be tough even for those who have enough experience to tackle all this. But how do you prepare for such challenges? What’s the go-to strategy to build a proper startup/company culture? There’s for sure a long road to go and most of the times we have to learn by doing: however, Noel Pullen, Senior Director of Technology at Hootsuite, has shared with us some key insights learnt from his impressive experience.

Check out the winners of How to Web Startup Spotlight 2016

After an amazing journey, How to Web Conference 2016 is a wrap and we are proud to introduce you the winners of this year’s edition of the deal-making program for emerging European tech startups. Without further adds: The Newsroom won the Best Startup Award, the Best Cybersecurity startup award went to LiveMon, MRise won the Best Startup Story award and Enty won the IXIA Innovation Award.

Internet of Eyes: A Sight to Behold & 11 Other Lessons from Investor Evan Nisselson

There is no exaggeration whatsoever in saying that out of all the interviews I’ve done lately Evan is the one person that has made me like him only by reading his answers. This is because of his view on life, because people are important to him (not just the product), and because he was able to give a very concrete definition of what he’s looking for as an investor. Add this to the fact that he likes Italy, we have that in common too.

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