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Work & Chill

Work and Chill: where cutting-edge ideas meet serious fun.
Hang out with your colleagues, sip on your favourite drink, or even take meetings with a great background at How to Web Conference 2024.


The Experience

Work Mode
Garden Productivity Boost

Crunching numbers? Answering emails? Dive into your work surrounded by nature’s serenity. Grab a seat, plug in, and get that to-do list conquered. In this outdoor office, productivity has never felt so refreshing.

work and chill how to web conference 2024

Chill Time
Team Hangouts

Gather your team for some alfresco brainstorming. Sunshine sparks creativity, and our garden offers the ultimate backdrop. Chat, laugh, and let the good ideas roll. It’s your space to connect and recharge, all while soaking up some Vitamin D.

chill garden how to web conference 2024
How to Web Conference 2024


Work, chill, get inspired. Do anything you want at How to Web Conference 2024.