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A few months of meetings in just a day — welcome to Dealflow, How to Web's platform for connecting Eastern European startups with global and regional investors.


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For Investors

If you want to connect with some of the most promising Eastern European startups joining How to Web, grab an investor ticket and access Dealflow. This will grant you access in advance to the full list of attending startups that want to meet investors, with their contact details and decks.

Access our networking app to set meetings in the Networking Area, schedule private meetings in the VIP Areas, or watch their pitches, and start doing deals!

dealflow for investors how to web conference 2024

For Founders

If you are a founder looking to build relations in order to raise money for your company, either now or in the future, grab a discounted startup ticket. You’ll have access to an amazing list of venture fund managers and angel investors, and you’ll be able to connect with them and start your journey to the next fundraising round.

for founders dealflow how to web conference 2024
How to Web Conference 2024

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