How to Web is coming to town with the electric startup & innovation energy, taking place for the first time in your city. Whether you are building your own business, or contributing with your team to great products and services, we would love to meet you. Founders and investors are also awaited. We invite you all to join us, get inspired, and discuss the best practices in building products, methods of better collaboration, and how we can drive further innovation and hyper-growth in your teams.

How to Web


June 21st | CampusX

How to Web is the leading startup & innovation conference in Eastern Europe. We’re shining a light on the best insights in the industry and providing #builders with a context to grow.

While the conference will bring together more than 2,500 attendees from the region and beyond, this meetup will take place in a more intimate format, with up to 100 attendees. Here we’ll provide a platform for knowledge sharing and discussion of new trends and ideas in the tech industry, with a focus on our region.

Participation is free of charge, but the seats are limited. Book yours now!