How to Web Live Episode #2
Thursday, September 24 • 5pm EEST

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This episode, find out about Bob Moesta’s newest book – Demand-Side Sales 101 – and how you can apply the Jobs-to-be-Done framework to sell more.

Bob Moesta, lifelong innovator and coarchitect of the Jobs-to-be-Done theory, shares his approach for flipping the lens on sales. Bob shifts the focus of sales from selling, to helping people buy and make progress in their lives–demand-side sales.

Sales does not have to feel icky for you or your customers. In fact, with the right approach, sales can be an empowering experience for all!


How to Web Live - Episode #2

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Founder, President & CEO

@ Re-Wired Group

Bob Moesta is a founder, maker, innovator, speaker, and now a professor. Pioneer of Jobs-to-be-Done theory, an expert on creating, developing, and launching new products and services. His work with tech companies such as Intercom, Basecamp and many more has helped adapt the Jobs-to-be-Done theory to technology products.

Among the principal architects of the Jobs-to-be-Done theory in the mid-90s along with Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen, Moesta continued to develop and apply the innovation framework to everyday business challenges.

Jobs-to-be-Done is a framework for a better understanding of customer behavior. This theory goes beyond superficial market demographics or product attributes categories to expose the functional, social, and emotional dimensions that explain why customers make the choices they do.


Founder & CEO

@ Omniconvert

Valentin Radu is a serial entrepreneur and visionary with over 16 years of experience in technology and online marketing. He’s the CEO of Omniconvert, an award-winning worldwide all-in-one conversion platform that combines the power of A/B testing, web personalization, and web surveys using an advanced segmentation engine.

Valentin is an international keynote speaker and a thought leader in the conversion rate optimization space, covering topics such as web optimization, cognitive biases, and growth. At Omniconvert, he helps eCommerce managers that don’t have the time or resources to find the hidden gems in their data, craft outstanding customer journeys, and deliver personalized customer experiences. So far, Omniconvert has worked with over 22,000 websites. 3.5Bn visits a month run through the testing platform, and his clients include Samsung, Wordstream, OLX, Avon, and many more.

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