Startup Tickets for How to Web Conference 2023

Volunteer Agreement

Thank you for choosing to get involved as a volunteer in the HOW TO WEB MEDIA SRL team, the organizers of the How To Web Conference 2023. As a volunteer, you are an ambassador for our organization and the event.

You will be a valued part of our events team and we are committed to doing everything we can to make your volunteering experience a positive and rewarding one.

This agreement sets out what HOW TO WEB MEDIA SRL, and you, as a volunteer, do not reasonably expect from your volunteer role.

Volunteer role

Your role as a volunteer will be confirmed by email before the event, according to the information and official program presented on the Volunteer Portal.

Each role available in the event has an associated set of responsibilities and fixed periods of attendance at the event, which we ask you to respect.

Please let us know as soon as possible if, due to illness or other reason, you are unable to volunteer at your expected time so that alternative arrangements can be made.

We expect you to perform your role to the best of your ability and to follow, where applicable, our policies and procedures, including health and safety, equal opportunities and any other relevant policies.

Any property belonging to our organization must be returned at the end of your volunteer role if this has been stated in your role description.

Please arrive at your volunteer site at the scheduled time and remain there until the scheduled time unless otherwise directed by the team leader. Breaks will be confirmed by the team leader, with whom please keep in touch.


Briefing, health and safety training

You will be given a briefing explaining how we operate and how your volunteer role fits into the running of the event.

We will respect our duty to ensure your health and safety. You will be provided with appropriate form to ensure your health and safety and to help you fulfill the responsibilities of your volunteer role.

We will support you throughout your volunteering experience and you will be assigned a team leader who will be your main point of contact during the event.

We will explain the appropriate standards we expect, encourage and support you to achieve and buy into them. We will do everything we can to help you develop your volunteering role with us.

Your team leader will be contacted by email prior to the event.



The role you take on is voluntary and does not include remuneration.

Transport and travel costs are not covered by the organizer.



Volunteering does not include any form of insurance.

Data protection

We will process personal information about you in accordance with the Privacy Terms.



During your volunteer role, you may have access to confidential information related to our organization’s connection with our clients, beneficiaries, staff, event participation, other volunteers and business relationships. We expect you to maintain confidentiality and not use or disclose such information in any way, including any social media posts you may make in connection with the event while volunteering for us or at any time in the future.



We will endeavor to fairly resolve any issues, concerns or difficulties you may encounter while volunteering with us.

This agreement is in good faith and is not intended to be a legally binding contract. It may be terminated at any time at either party’s discretion. Neither of us intends to create any employment relationship now or in the future.