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Spotlight 2024

Spotlight is the leading startup program and competition in Eastern Europe, organized by How to Web Conference. Hundreds of startups apply annually to propel their businesses to success.
*In order to apply to Spotlight, you must acquire a Startup Ticket.

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Spotlight is How to Web Conference’s matchmaking program and competition for the most promising Eastern European startups.

Every year, more than 300 startups apply to join the leading startup program and competition in the region, and compete for the grand investment prize.

Last year’s investment prize rose up to €880.000 from leading European funds and investors. The winners were Collabwriting, from Serbia.

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The Spotlight Experience

Matchmaking & Mentoring

Imagine connecting with experienced mentors, savvy business minds, and forward-thinking investors who know the ins and outs of Eastern Europe. These mentors are your secret weapon for gaining insights, avoiding pitfalls, and making strategic moves.

How to Web Conference 2024 Spotlight Matchmaking

Investor Meetings

We’re lifting the curtain on the world of investment. Discover what investors really want to hear, get tips on perfecting your pitch, and open doors to funding rounds that can catapult your startup forward.

Seasoned investors from leading European funds such as Credo Ventures, Creandum, Atomico, Early Bird, SeedCamp and many more are joining How to Web Conference.

How to Web Conference 2024 Spotlight Investor Meetings

Expo Area

Grab your spot in the Expo Area and show your stuff. This is your chance to present your product, gain exposure, and make connections with the right people who can help your startup soar.

What better way to get feedback on your product than from a tech-savvy audience?

How to Web Conference 2024 Spotlight Expo Area

Pitch on Stage

Bold entrepreneurs and their startups that change the world really glow in Spotlight. Seize the stage and get your company off the ground, as all eyes will be on you.

Step on stage and pitch for the grand investment prize. Leading European investment funds and investors join forces to award the most talented Eastern European founder. Spotlight’s investment prize is the second-highest in Europe 🏆

How to Web Conference 2024 Spotlight Pitching

The Spotlight finalist will receive the grand prize — stay tuned ot discover the highest seed investment deal proposal in Eastern Europe!

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Spotlight is dedicated to all early-stage startups in Eastern Europe that have the eagerness to take their business to the next level. If you meet the following criteria, apply for the most engaging startup competition:

✅ Stage of Business

You have an early-stage startup, less than 5 years old and with less than €700k fundraised.

✅ Stage of Product

You have launched the product and it gained some traction.

✅ Attending Startups

In order to be eligible for Spotlight, you must have a Startup Ticket for How to Web Conference 2024. You can do this either before your pre-application or after.

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⌛ Jun 1 - September 1

Applications for Spotlight 2024 are open throughout the summer.


Announcing selected startups

⌛ September 16

Announcing the 40 selected startups to enter Spotlight



⌛ October 2

All 40 startups selected will pitch on the Startup Stage of the conference



⌛ October 3

Meetings 1:1 (2h) following matchmaking with some of the top 40 startups


Top 5 finals

⌛ October 4

Final pitch of top 5 startups on the main stage of the conference


Win the investment-prize

⌛ October 4

The grand winner is announced on the conference main stage


raul popa


CEO and Data Scientist @ TYPINGDNA

“Startup Spotlight was a great opportunity to interact with other entrepreneurs and with seasoned professionals who could provide guidance for growing our company. We have incorporated many of the things we learned through the HTW experience into our business and believe that it brought us an extraordinary launching opportunity.”

Sandra Idjoski

Co-Founder @ Collabwriting

“The whole experience was amazing, especially as it was our first time attending How to Web. We didn’t know what to expect, but by far the most valuable were all the networking opportunities. The whole team was incredibly diligent and dedicated, everything was set up so that we as startups could get the most value from the event and connect with the right people.”

lisa popovici

Lisa Popovici

Co-founder @ Cartloop

“ Winning Spotlight brought us an extra validation that the product is working and people believe in our vision and roadmap. We are really grateful for the opportunity to make amazing connections and gain valuable feedback which came at the right time and boosted the growth of Cartloop over the following months.”

spotlight how to web conference 2024

See you at How to Web Conference 2024!

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*In order to be eligible for Spotlight, you must have a Startup Ticket.

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