Maya Zlatanova

CEO & Co-Founder @ FindMeCure

Building up healthtech with FindMeCure, a patient navigation platform, and TrialHub, a data-intelligence platform for clinical trials.

Maya is a health tech entrepreneur, clinical research expert, and pharma industry speaker. With over 15 years of experience in the health tech industry, Maya recognized that there is a gap between patients’ needs and the clinical research industry. Prompting her to create a bridge for both sides, with the innovative platforms FindMeCure (link) and Trialhub (link).

FindMeCure is a platform that aids patients in finding suitable clinical trials, and TrialHub is a data-intelligence platform helping the industry design successful trials. Thus, creating an environment that optimizes progress for all parties involved. A Co-Founder & a CEO, but above all – a giver. Maya’s inspirations are drawn from stories, not just facts, and she believes the clinical research industry has many stories, that are calling for a change in the way we think and operate. Seasoned speaker at Clinical Trial Innovations, Scope Summit, Logipharma events, Patient Engagement Forum, GIANT Health, etc.

The team and Maya are on a mission to bring clinical research closer to patients. Improving how we design and conduct clinical trials, focusing on patients’ needs and expectations. Maya is also the host of the podcast – Trials with Maya Z (link), during which experts from various fields discuss the challenges of clinical trials and how to overcome them


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