De Clerck

Founder & Growth Strategist @ Ablaze Growth Studio

Leading European Growth Expert, skilled in getting, keeping and monetizing customers.

As an independent growth strategist, Gilles has helped 200+ startups systemically maximize revenue across products, business models, markets, and growth stages.

Most founders think growth comes through channels, but long-term defensible growth happens at a more fundamental level. Gilles works with founders to build focused strategies from the high-ROI product levers and execute tactics that feedback. Outcome self-compounding growth engines that integrate scalable acquisition channels, irresistible product messaging and a high-converting funnel to profitably and predictably generate new customers at scale.

Gilles is particularly known for building moats through product-led customer acquisition. The most cost-effective way to grow for software startups isn’t through ads, content, or sales — but through the product itself. Dropbox, Paypal, Uber, Notion, Intercom, Zoom, Calendly, Figma, and Webflow scaled their markets at near-zero cost with user experiences that organically attract new users through network effects.

Come listen to Gilles’ talk at How to Web Conference 2022 to learn how to practically design growth into your product!

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