Founder & CEO
Simple Capital

Investor in early-stage companies. Sound engineering background and previous successful founder of Vector Watch with exit to Fitbit.

Entrepreneur, angel investor and business advisor with 4 successful international exits.

He’s a technology expert, formerly VP Product and Head of European Development Centers at Fitbit.
Previously founded Vector Watch and invested in early-stage tech startups as Clever Taxi.

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Radu Georgescu

Founding Partner @ Gecad Ventures

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Strategic Product Leader, solving customer and business problems through technology and building innovative, effective digital experiences.

Karol Lasota

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Ex-founder and operator of VC-backed B2B marketplace and deep tech startups now joined the dark (VC ;)) side.

Bogdan Ripa

VP of Product Management @ UiPath

Entrepreneur at heart & startup co-founder, currently expanding UiPath's product suite as the Vice President of Product.

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