Global Roaming Mentor @ SOSV

Acceleration specialist, mentor at HAX, Food-X, Chinaccelerator RebelBio and IndieBio accelerators. Previously 5x founder.

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Turning vision into action for leadership teams

Alan serves as the SOSV Business Coach. He works directly with teams across all SOSV accelerators and focuses much of his time on HAX Growth companies, growing hardware distribution and sales networks globally.

Alan is also the creator of the “Wholebrain Startup” methodology, which focuses on fully utilizing the intellectual resources of startup founders and teams.

With experience both founding and mentoring hundreds of startups across the globe, Alan brings a wide range of expertise to team building, product development and sales, marketing, and global distribution channels.

After 10 years in marketing/logistics at WalMart UK, Alan co-founded an international coaching consultancy, turning vision into action for leadership teams, including managers at Motorola, Unilever, ATT&T, etc. ​

Following that, Alan embarked on 20 years​ of startup​ experience ​working on his own ventures, culminating in a meeting with SOSV in 2009.

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