expo area

Expo Area

Welcome to the Expo Area, a dynamic showcase of creativity, innovation, and groundbreaking ideas. As a pivotal part of How to Web Conference 2023, the Expo Area invites you to immerse yourself in a world of startups, companies, and technologies that are shaping the future across diverse industries.


Expo Area

Startup Booths

Experience the energy of entrepreneurship as you explore dedicated startup booths. Engage with founders, discover cutting-edge products, and gain insights into the solutions that are redefining our world.

List of exhibiting startups TBA.

startup booths

Company Booths

Enter a realm of established companies that are driving innovation in so many industries. From sustainability solutions to cutting-edge healthcare technologies or community-driven impact, explore the breadth of innovation by interacting with the companies exhibiting at How to Web Conference 2023.

company booths
Experience for Attendees at How to Web Conference 2023

What our attendees are saying:

❝No one stops talking about it, because it was this good. Truly impressed by the flawless staging of How To Web: content, networking, impeccable logistics & venue, relevant attendees, actionable insights, and the whole ecosystem created. Made me proud and I'm pretty sure that if the rest of Bucharest got to experience it, the whole city would have been as proud.❞

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