Managing Partner @ Eleven Ventures

Successful Investor & Founder, Founding Board Member of Endeavor Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Innovation Hub, Co-Founder of Telerik Academy and CampusX.

Building the leaders of tomorrow 🚀

Vassil is Managing Partner at Eleven Ventures, where he maximizes his passion for entrepreneurship and education. Having gone through all the stages of a company’s life — from founding to rapid growth and even a notable exit, he is aware not only of the path to success but of the mistakes other founders should not make.

As an active supporter of the Bulgarian innovative ecosystem, Vassil is also a Founding Board Member of Endeavor Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Innovation Hub, as well as one of the most active angel investors. With his former founders at Telerik, he is also a Co-Founder of Telerik Academy — the leading educational initiative for digital technologies in Bulgaria, and CampusX, the biggest incubator for technology startups and scale-ups in SEE.

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