Chief Product Officer @ Tazz

Experience in Product Management, with a high focus in putting together people, technology and processes to achieve business and organizational success.

Liviu Herman currently holds the position of Chief Product Officer at Tazz, where he coordinates a team of 70 people, with the mission of developing a top product for the food delivery industry in Romania. For Liviu, professional satisfaction means carrying out his daily activity always in contact with people from Tazz, combining a mix of key competencies in business, from technical to strategic ones.

Before Tazz, Liviu held strategic roles for over 10 years in Project & Product Management and he also activated for 10 years in the university environment, as a researcher and teacher, respectively as an independent trainer in leadership and communication.

At How to Web, Liviu will talk about the experience of developing a product in a fast-paced company, with all the challenges that come with it: from making the decisions starting from the business strategy to facilitating work in teams with different mindsets, while choosing technical solutions to drive rapid development.

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