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    AIris is a technology that can recognize and understand objects and concepts in photos, videos and live streams.

    Anatomy Next is a SaaS platform for learning and teaching human anatomy.

    AVO is a virtual roaming solution which allows mobile operators to save on roaming maintenance and operational costs, and to provide cheaper roaming services to their customers.

    BOX2M is a technology that provides a low cost, flexible and innovative solution for monitoring, metering and control of industrial sites.

    Check4Green integrates waste management in the IoT market by providing solutions that help manage waste collection.

    Clockwork Briefcase is the electronic cooperative multiplayer bomb defusal game, which simulates a real electronic bomb in the briefcase.

    CloudHero is a container infrastructure provider allowing any developer to spin up docker containers in less than 10 seconds.

    Couch Coach is a second screen application for basketball fans where they can coach from the couch, propose players and win or lose points based on real-time decisions.

    Cross Promo helps online businesses skyrocket their leads by running ongoing equal cross-promotion campaigns.

    Devious Technologies is an independent video game studio developing Marble Land, a physics-based Virtual Reality puzzle game.

    Diorama 360 VR is a smartphone application allowing anyone to watch, share and upload videos in 360 degrees VR.

    DoBox is the first portable wireless dock for all Apple devices.

    eCUORE is a platform that analyzes the bio-data of cardiovascular risks patients in real time from wearable holter devices.

    Engager is a platform that provides actionable insights to scale performance through employee engagement.

    ENTy is a medical device used for tracking the balance of the internal ear & for checking the spine posture.

    EyeDomain is a a domain research tool that analyses relations between domains and their owners, Whois data, IP, NS and MX data.

    Findie is a video Platform as a Service that empowers brands to launch video-first web and mobile apps in minutes, not months.

    Fliiby is a platform for creative artists & content creators, allowing discovery, publishing & monetization of various media files.

    Holosee is a technology that creates and streams hi-definition holographic content and brings it to Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality.

    InnerTrends ia a growth hacking analytics tool for SaaS companies

    InnoPlanner is a 3D interior design platform that brings 3D technology on any device, anywhere.

    Lampix is a device that transforms any surface into a smart surface; they make augmented reality without glasses by focusing on fixed horizontal surfaces.

    LiveMon is an all-in-one monitoring solution that provides actionable insights to identify and eliminate incoming threats before impacting a company’s services.

    Milez is a tool for parents to reward their teen drivers with money for distraction-free driving.

    Rise is an embedded device which integrates your motorcycle to IOT in order to increase. your safety while riding by implementing an accident notification system and also a smart alarm.

    Naido is a platform that allows couples to plan, book, and manage their destination wedding and honeymoon through innovative planning tools.

    NextMenu enhances customer service and streamlines delivery with a new breed of digital menu and restaurant management solution

    Nutritio is an application that brings together nutritionists and people who want to lose weight in a healthy manner and to be more aware about what and how they eat.

    Pago is an app for securely paying utility bills, taxes, fines and mobile recharges or sending money.

    Questo is a city exploration app which helps cities grow.

    Reflex is a wearable solution that helps patients in physiotherapy rehabilitation to finish recovery at home, thus increasing the clinic’s profit and revenue.

    Road Grand Tours is a realistic 3D cycling simulator for bike trainers that lets you ride & race with your friends on famous roads around the world.

    SpeediFly is the world’s first social travel platform that makes personalized last-minute travel recommendations for Millennials.

    TalentBrowse is the first aggregating platform that matches employers with verified & available talents from the best recruitment agencies.

    The Newsroom helps publishers deliver a faster, personalised and more meaningful digital experience using real time auctioning of content assets

    ThinkOut is a cash flow management platform for SMEs in Creative Industries.

    Tier One Exchange is a private marketplace that connects global investors to off-market loans, properties, and fixed assets sold by financial institutions, asset management companies, and bank wind down entities across Europe.

    TripWithMojo is a personal finance application that uses gamification to help travellers save money for traveling, while making it affordable within their current income.

    TypingDNA is a security SaaS that uses AI algorithms to identify and authenticate individuals based on the way they type on their keyboard.

    UNLOQ is a custom branded Mobile App that offers 3 Multi-Factor Authentication options, Transaction authorisation and Data encryption.

    Urby is a mobile app that structures and organizes information to help people with suggestions for events, places to go or just cool things to do in their city

    VeziCatFace is a smart marketplace which helps people buy cars from trusted sellers.

    Visitor Analytics is an easy-to-read analytics about your website, offering a simple and straight-forward overview

    Vividly is a smart software that uses VR to make smart development & design in the architecture and construction industry.

    VYOOCAM is a hands-free wearable camera for Point-of-view video streaming over the Internet.

    Werkabee is a matchmaking platform that connects students, graduates & entrepreneurs with the global micro/small business community.

    Wise Stories helps to build strong relationships within families by giving them the highest quality games and apps, which can grow and change according to the needs of a child.

    Woogie is a voice-enabled AI device for 6-12 years old kids which provides interactions according to their age, gender, and interests.

    Yellow.Menu is a premium food delivery service that allows you to choose chef-cooked meals & have them delivered right to your home or office.

    Younify is providing the users with the bank products they want and the banks with the users they need.

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