Trevor Hatfield

Founder & CEO

SaaS Growth Marketing & Data Analysis

Trevor’s superpower is that he can create top-level online marketing opportunities that take businesses from 0 to 100

Trevor is the Founder & CEO of Inturact, an integrated SaaS Marketing Agency providing strategy, innovation, and the ability to execute on ideas.

Inturact reflects the integration of the talents that have come together to create marketing opportunities through inbound marketing, website design & development, and branding.


The zero-bullshit, actionable AF playbook to grow your SaaS business with your customers

Trevor Hatfield is also the co-author of a “zero bullshit, actionable AF” playbook for SaaS businesses.

There’s a lot of advice on the Internet on how to grow. But together with Nichole Elizabeth DeMere, Trevor has put together a series of tried-and-true strategies that guarantee organic growth.

The book focuses on how to acquire best-fit customers, generate retention, revenue, and rampant brand advocacy. It’s a great resource for founders who want to set up their startups the right way, from the beginning, so they will grow sustainably for a long, long time.

So instead of wasting time & money trying things out, you can just go by the book. Literally.

Meet Trevor Hatfield at How to Web!

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