UX Design Lead

Applied psychologist and interaction/UX designer, Android design and research

Passionately blending design and UX with psychology for spectacular results

Dave has been studying user behavior and designing interfaces since 1997. He combines his skills as a designer and psychologist to bring deeper insight into users’ actions and motivations when interacting with digital devices and interfaces. 

Technological advances enable products and services to do more. There are many indicators of when products and services are crossing over into complicated territory. If the product team spends too much time on things like the pros & cons of new features with no strong resolution or creating new features just to use new technical capabilities that have become available, that’s often a sign of over-complication.

Simplicity is not Simple

Products may be or become complicated for many reasons, and teams are often asked to make them “simpler and better.” How do we identify when and why something is complicated, and how can we make it simpler?

David will talk about methods to make products and experiences simpler, some of the considerations and decisions we may face when tackling complications, and look at some examples of products that made themselves simpler without sacrificing features and functionality.

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