Seed investor and partner at Seedcamp, but also author, Carlos Espinal has supported over 300 early-stage startups to grow by providing them not only with capital but also with advice on building products, teams, fundraising and many more.
Some of the highlights of these startups include unicorns such as UiPath, Revolut, TransferWise, Bloomsbury AI, Monese or Wefox.

As a partner at Seedcamp, Carlos contributed to many significant initiatives for startups: Seedcamp’s Academy program, Seedsummit.org standard term sheets, Seedhack collection of free startup tools, and the famous Seedcamp Podcast series.

What is Seedcamp?

Seedcamp is the European seed fund that played a critical role in shaping today’s startup environment.
Seedcamp suported some top successful startups in Europe, coached hundreds of founders and execs, and helped building the best possible environment so that entrepreneurial initiatives thrive.

Seedcamp offers great investment options for early-stage tech companies all across the European startup environment. The model Seedcamp has built has unique methods for facilitating globally ambitious entrepreneurs at scale.

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