We’re happy to announce another masterclass from this year’s program: Value of Design Beyond Aesthetics with Julian Lukaszewicz, an expert in innovation and design thinking, working for Fjord/The Docks, a subsidiary of Accenture Interactive. the masterclass is part of our Designing Innovation track, on November 19th.

Designers are often seen as only the crafts-people who only know and care about aesthetics and art. But nothing could be further from the truth. To succeed at innovation, businesses need to leverage the power of design and learn how to work with designers effectively to draw on their strengths and their strategic user-centered approach.

In his talk, Julian will guide the audience through the design thinking process, and showcasing example where designers changed the focus of the project or were instrumental in driving value. He will also explain the value of Design Research, Service Design and Business Design.

Julian looks at the way how the latest technological changes can have a positive impact on society and business. He has a vast professional background including teaching career and consulting for airlines companies, with the scope of improving passengers experience.
Julian lived in 7 countries, on 4 continents, and hopes to soon add Romania to the list.

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