Less than 2 weeks away from the conference, we are announcing the last but one of our 6 masterclasses: “The process that drives growth”, with Andrew Crump, will be hosted by our Growth Machine track, on November 20th.

The masterclass will give you the keys to implementing an approach to growth that will deliver results through prioritizing opportunities and aligning teams on the right things.

An accomplished founder and alumni of 500 Startups and Seedcamp, Andrew has spent the last 8 years in and out of the Silicon Valley where he learnt from the best of the best while building growth focused startups.

He and his co-founder have turned growth into a process, and along the way became the growth experts behind some of the Europe’s fastest growing startups.

Important: All How to Web masterclasses are accessible exclusively with the Conference ticket. Buy your ticket now to book your seat!

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