We’re pleased to announce we have booked Marius Ursache – Mentor and Teaching Fellow for MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp – for a masterclass at this year’s How to Web: “The Disciplined Entrepreneur: Processes, Tools and Hacks” is part of our “Startup Academy” track, on November 19th.

Marius Ursache has mastered the Disciplined Entrepreneur methodology while working with its inventor Bill Auley (MIT), and has ever since delivered related bootcamps, workshops and masterclass on 3 continents.

His masterclass will cover key elements of Lean Startup, Disciplined Entrepreneurship, Business Model Canvas, Problem Statement Frameworks, OKRs, and other processes and tools to build a successful company. And make the world a better place.

Marius has studied design in New York at the Sessions.edu and later on with Milton Glaser at the School of Visual Arts, communication and PR at SNSPA Bucharest and digital as a part of the European Master in Interactive Multimedia.

He possesses an impressive number of international awards, among which you can find the Brand Leadership Award at the World Brand Congress 2009. He is a founding member of the Creative Industry Association and a member of the Romanian Institute of Information Architecture (IROAI) board.

If you are startuper or a manager looking for structure and roadmap in building your company, you should not miss this masterclass!

Important: All How to Web masterclasses are accessible exclusively with the Conference ticket. More masterclasses will be announced soon. Buy your ticket now to book your seat!


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