We’re happy to announce a new masterclass for this year’s How to Web – “Culture First – It Matters More Than You Think”, with David Bizer, part of our Better Teams track, on November 20th.

Some of the topics the masterclass will be covering are: importance of company culture and how it impacts your company every day, defining your own culture and the work required to embed it throughout your organization, understanding how your culture drives recruitment and retention of your employees.

David will also showcase a few tools and include tips and tricks to help you to build and enhance a remarkable culture.

David Bizer is the Founder and CEO of Talent Fountain, a boutique consulting firm focused on talent acquisition, talent management and startup culture. David’s experience originates at the very epicenter of web technology, starting his career at Netscape working with Marc Andreessen and the team which essentially launched the internet to the masses.

David was the first recruiter at Google in Europe, building out the organization from 100 to over 5000 employees in 7 years. Since 2010, David has collaborated with over 60 emerging startups throughout Europe to scale their human capital.

If you missed it last week, check out the interview with David Bizer we’ve shared with you.

If you are working in HR and especially if you are a people manager and carry the responsibility for your team’s collective results, you should not miss this masterclass!

Important: All How to Web masterclasses are accessible exclusively with the Conference ticket. More masterclasses will be announced soon. Buy your ticket now to book your seat!

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