Make every step matter and win a Fitbit smartwatch per day!

189*56 or 25.673 / 3.5 steps a day? 6 or 8 hours of sleep? 3 or 35 climbed floors?

Do you know the answer? Would you like to know? 🙂

Take the first steps towards a more active lifestyle, even during a business conference, as a healthy lifestyle is not just about gym time. It’s all the time!

Stay active during How to Web, walk to as many networking sessions you can, take active coffee and lunch breaks, dance lots at the evening parties.


Compete with each other and with one redoubtable Fitizen:

1st day (19th Nov) – steps challenge competing against Andrei Pitis

2nd day (20th Nov) – steps challenge competing against Daniel Rizea



Do you have a Fitbit device? Then simply join our challenge by filling in this form. Make sure to use the email address associated with your Fitbit account.

If you are not yet the proud owner of a Fitbit device, you can still attend if you take these 3 steps:

  1. Download  the Fitbit App from App Store, Google Play or Windows
  2. Create a Fitbit account
  3. Fill in this form with your personal details, making sure to use the email address associated with your Fitbit account.

The sooner you join the challenge, the sooner your steps will be tracked and your chances to win this fitness face-off will increase.

Important: The challenge is open exclusively to How to Web attendees.

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