We are positively thrilled to announce our last keynoter for this year’s edition – Christopher Wylie, best know for blowing the whistle on corporate and political unauthorized possession and unethical use of social media data with the scope of turning public opinion on current affairs matters.

Christopher will be on stage at How to Web on the first day of the conference, November 19th, in the opening session “Unicorns and Black Swans”, talking about how technology is influencing democracy.

Christopher Wylie is a social researcher and data scientist. He has served as a senior adviser in both the British and Canadian governments, and has extensive experience using technology to improve communication and citizen engagement. With an avid interest in cultural applications of technology, his postgraduate research focused on fashion trend forecasting.

Christopher is the former Director of Research for Cambridge Analytica and SCL Group, which was a UK-based military contractor specializing in information warfare. He witnessed first hand how culture, information and algorithms were being weaponized by militaries, governments and companies to undermine elections around the world. In 2018, Christopher worked with The Guardian and New York Times as a whistleblower to expose how social media data was being exploited and turned against ordinary citizens.

Time 100 nominated Christopher for his work revealing the risks posed by unfettered data misuse and the growing power of large technology companies. His testimonies at the United States Congress and British Parliament served as a wake-up call for many and have quickly led to new legislative proposals in both countries. Christopher is a graduate of the London School of Economics and lives in London, UK.

Christopher’s participation in our Conference connects with the topic of “Disrupting Democracy” – a dedicated segment we are hosting on the main stage track Leaders & Trends.

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