Following our exciting Startup Spotlight application launch last week, we’re unlocking more info about the conference tracks and speakers!

Teams are mighty important – they make or break a company, especially in the technology world.

Tech companies, steadily or even explosively growing, and with virtually continuous recruiting operations, optimal mix of professionals with business acumen and great fit to the company culture is all the more difficult to obtain and retain.

In our Better Teams track, we open the floor to managers, team leaders, recruiters, consultants and intrapreneurs to talk about the challenges in building and improving the teams’ performances in tech companies.

Speakers and participants alike are invited to share their stories of success, failure and lessons learned in teams and people management.

Don’t forget that How to Web is first and foremost about connecting to people, learning first hand about their experiences and often setting the ground for future collaborations!

New additions to the list of inspirational leaders, professionals and experts you’ll have a chance to meet:

  • Andrei Pitis, VP Engineering & Head of Bucharest Office at Fitbit, antrepreneur and investor
  • Marco Srsan, Director at Techstars London
  • Gyula Feher, co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Ustream, an IBM Company
  • Veronika Pistyur, CEO of Bridge Budapest, Hungarian entrepreneurial founded NGO
  • Irina Scarlat, Country Manager for Romania at Revolut
  • Elise Sass, Co-founder & COO at LIFT99, coworking hub and startup founders’ network in Tallinn, Estonia

Check our list of speakers up to date and start drafting your networking plans for the conference!

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