An exciting week has passed since our announcement of the first topics and inspiring speakers for this year’s HTW edition – thanks for the love and the shares!

We’re launching two more tracks from the conference agenda, aiming to bring a revolution in the way you think and do business in Romania and internationally.

  • Growth Paths: From funnels to channels, from direct sales to financing growth, we discuss the ins and outs of finding the formula of transforming your product into a business success. Business developers, founders, business and sales managers will be exploring growth opportunities for technology businesses by improving distribution and making customers happier.
  • Innovation Design: Technology driven innovation raises different questions and needs different tools, different leadership, sometimes a different mindset. We are inviting innovation consultants, experts and practitioners to talk about good practices and tools and frameworks that are setting the framework for the next industrial revolution.

We take great pride in the speakers we have selected for this year’s How to Web. We count on them to inspire leadership, give food for thought and offer hands-on advice and inspiring solutions for building successful businesses, products and teams.

For instance, you’re a local Founder or Executive ; your department or business is not delivering as you expected so you are looking for a new business strategy that works, or you are looking for international opportunities. Or you have a spectacular idea for a product, but you don’t know where to go first from there. Or you have been running your startup for the past 2 years and you want to accelerate your growth. Maybe you are stuck, again, and a new partnership will get your creative juices flowing. You name it.

Find out your answers in November from our freshly confirmed speakers:

At the heart of this year’s How to Web edition is our goal to be an instant connector and facilitator for your business with the hottest leaders, technology and ideas. This will be an epic edition and you don’t want to miss it!

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