How to Web partners up with Google Romania for the Export initiative

We’ve seen more than once the trials which startups go trough when trying to expand to other markets and lack sufficient information about these markets and their potential customers. This important step can take up many resources and, if targeted incorrectly, can lead to a startup’s demise. But done right, it can become an important boost in revenue and customers.

So how can you become a David for international Goliaths which you’ll compete with in these markets? With the help of the company that processes the largest amount of information in the world.

TechHub Bucharest, May 9th – official launch. Be there!

If you haven’t heard this already, you really should follow us more on social media! šŸ˜€ So, May 9th, is THE day for the tech community in Bucharest. After months and months of work and a short period of “private beta”, the TechHub Bucharest doors will be wide open. Join us for the official launch event – get a tour of the space and enjoy an evening of smart talk and fun!

The event will be hosted by Mike Butcher (TechCrunch Editor at Large and TechHub global co-founder) together with Daniel Dragomir (TechHub Bucharest co-founder and executive manager) and our Bogdan Iordache (TechHub Bucharest and HTW co-founder).Ā 

TechHub Bucharest soft launch – the day is here!

Today’s the day that TechHub Bucharest announces its launch. It begins with a “soft launch”, welcoming its resident members to start working in the space on Wednesday and organizing private tours for people interested in becoming members. The big launch will soon follow, with the proper launch event and the following public events to be organized in the TechHub space.

TechHub is a dream come true for the tech community in Bucharest. After the closing of The Bucharest Hub last year, the community confirmed the need for a new similar space, dedicated to techies. After a period of talking to the people interested, understanding their most important needs, the search for the proper space began. It proved not to be easy, but with the support of Victor Anastasiu, it was found. With the tireless work of Daniel Dragomir and the support of great people like Stefan Szakal (who joined TechHub Bucharest as a co-founder), of Dan Calugareanu and companies like Adobe Romania and Vodafone Romania, the space got to be what it is today – a great working space for the Bucharest techies and a meeting point for the tech community.