Sweat equity – what’s it worth?

As an entrepreneur or a wanna-be founder you probably know that one of the main challenges you will need to face in the early stages is how to allocate equity between co-founders and their very different types of contributions. A difficult task, indeed, but obviously not an impossible one.

Sink or swim? 5 men in a start-up boat

Those of you who have ever taken part in or ever considered taking part in a Seecamp or MiniSeedcamp competition have probably noticed that the organisers advise to have at least 3 and no more than 5 members in the team. Where does this magic number come from? Is 5 a meaningful number in a start-up?

A winning speech for your elevator pitch

If you are an entrepreneur or a wanna-be start-up founder, you’ve probably heard that the first step in order to raise money for your start-up is to have a sexy elevator pitch. Are you ready to roll out your successful speech?

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