Romanian entrepreneur Emi Gal featured in Financial Times

Romanian 24-year-old entrepreneur, Emi Gal – the founder of the Seedcamp Week 2009 winner, Brainient – was featured in Financial Times in an article written by Bob Sherwood. Financial Times presents Brainient as a forefront of an emerging trend for young, ambitious entrepreneurs from Eastern Europe countries that choose more and more often to locate their start-up in the UK.

Promising EE start-ups are coming to London

The article‘s main goal is that of proving that more and more Eastern Europe startups are turning to United Kingdom in order to help their business grow faster and to have access to London’s network of investors and advisers. Alex  van Someren, UKTI global entrepreneur programme dealmaker, stated for Financial times that “there is a notable pipeline of promising start-ups coming to London from countries such as Estonia, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania and Lithuania“. The article presents UK as a financial hub having a great concentration of financial expertise and institutional investors and as a great opportunity for technology startups in Eastern Europe.

So Financial Times seems to agree that Eastern Europe’s got web talent, right?!

10 basic tips for better bootstrapping

If you just started up your business and have no initial funding other than your and your partners’ sweat equity and some investment from your family or friends, then you’re probably trying to build a business that pays for itself every day. You’re practically bootstrapping – starting up on a shoestring. In order to help you we’ve gathered a few expert advice from other successful entrepreneurs and have come up with a list of the most important 10 that we hope will prove useful for you.

Business partnerships – 10 tips for a match made in heaven

Two heads are generally better than one. And three heads seems like an even better idea. Not to mention 4 or 5. When it comes to startups, partnering with another business/technology enthusiast such as yourself might seem like a must-do. However, a wrong decision in this department could cost you your start-up.

If we look on the bright side, business partnerships mean burden sharing, mutual support, companionship and problem sharing. It is something like a mix between a shoulder to cry on when things go wrong and someone to hug when things go right. On the dark side, it also means less autonomy, not being able to do what you want all the time, slower decision making and often fights about everything.

10 tips for making the most out of your next conference

Conferences are what you make of them. They can be a total waste of time or they can open up a world of opportunities for business and personal development, learning and networking. In my opinion, all you actually need to do in order to make conference attending pay off is plan ahead a little bit. Here are some tips that I always try to apply and that generally help me accomplish my conference goals:

How To Web 2010 launch

Bucharest, 27th of July 2010. Today the How To Web 2010 conference – the most important entrepreneurship and web technology event in Eastern Europe – was launched at the Bucharest Hubb. The conference will take place on the 3rd and 4th of November 2010 at the Intercontinental Hotel in Bucharest.

The website of the How To Web 2010 Conference was also launched today and it will soon contain all the necessary information regarding the conference, schedule, speakers and registration.

uberVU – the uber-successful Romanian web start-up

uberVU is a Romanian London-based start-up offering innovative social media monitoring service.  uberVU was founded by Dan Ciotu (CTO), Vladimir Oane (CEO) and Dragos Ilinca (Marketing & Customer Development) in early 2008 and was chosen as one of the winners of Seedcamp 2008, receiving 50 000 $ seed funding. In early 2009 the company raised up to 1 000 000 $ funding for development. uberVU now has customers from 27 countries all over the world, a 6 person development team and uses Amazon to host the service.

Easy social media dashboard

uberVU is the social media dashboard that provides real-time social media analytics and metrics for small and medium enterprises. uberVU keeps track of stories on popular social sites in close to real time and tracks the whole conversations, not just mentions. If you search for a brand on uberVU the application returns whole conversations in a single thread – not just the post, but comments to the post from all over the social web – Blogger, WordPress, Movable Type, TypePad,, StumbleUpon, Picasa, Flickr, YouTube, Vimeo, Digg, Reddit, HackerNews, Mixx, Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz, MySpace and forum.

uberVU shows keystats around a keyword – number of mentions per day and for the last 30 days, monthly and daily sentiment regarding a certain keyword or brand. For each conversation around a brand, uberVU shows when it got comments around the Web and where it spread and also provides an easy way to compare a brand against the competition as far as the volume of mentions and overall sentiment are concerned.

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