It’s about the entrepreneurs, not only the money

When we’ve started How to Web, we thought of it as an ongoing business. It’s almost impossible to develop such a big event, as we are working on this one for 9 months, with a team of 15 people, without getting all the financial support you need. But it’s not only about the money.

How to Web’s purpose is to create a direct connection between Eastern Europe and the main tech scenes of the world, for helping the local tech scenes developing bigger and better businesses. And a big part of that is related to entrepreneurs and their continuous quest of conquering the world.

During last months we’ve been in contact with tens of local entrepreneurs, eager to find out more about How to Web and it’s benefits. However, there was (and still is) an issue for getting to our conference: the ticket price. Even if we’ve set a very low price (TheNextWeb’s full ticket price is 1000 EUR, while Future of Web Apps is about 850 EUR), it seemd a little too much for some entrepreneurs mainly because of their low income.

So here is a great deal: since last week, are running a very cool discount program for the members of 4 most important Romanian web entrepreneurship networks: Bucharest Hubb, Microsoft BizSpark, OpenCoffee Bucharest and Timisoara’s Business Software Incubator. If you are a member of any of those networks, you can still get a very early bird ticket (120 EUR + VAT).

So contact your local community manager and ask for directions, as we are preparing the greatest web event in Eastern Europe for you too !

The How To Web 2010 official video is here!

Location doesn’t matter anymore. And this also applies to web entrepreneurs. Eastern Europe’s got the skills, energy and opportunities to make web things happen. Eastern Europe’s got web talent and guys like the Slovenian Httpool, the Estonian Skype, the Romanian Interakt and Gecad,  the Czech NetBeans and GoodData and the Seedcamp winners Zemanta, CodilityErplyUberVU, Brainient have already proved this. How To Web 2010 will give the Eastern European web entrepreneurs the change to also make the right connections in order to achieve their goals.

Check out the How To Web 2010 official video below and make sure you get your ticket for the conference. See you at How To Web 2010 on the 3rd and 4th of November!

Reshma Sohoni is coming to How To Web 2010!

As you probably remember, the How To Web team has been present at Seedcamp Week 2010 and has also been blogging from the event. Although the entire Seedcamp organisers team was extremely busy, we have managed to take a short interview with Reshma Sohoni, Seedcamp CEO and one of the main speakers of the How To Web 2010 conference. Reshma will have 2 presentations on the How To Web stage: one will be about the Seedcamp experience in an organised panel and one will be about European entrepreneurs and the recipe for their success.Check out the video below and come and talk to Reshma at the conference on the 3rd and 4th of November 2010.

Christopher Grew thinks Eastern Europe’s got a lot of web potential

During Seedcamp Week 2010 we also had the opportunity to interview another one of our main speakers: Christopher Grew, partner at Orrick. Chris told us that he thinks Eastern Europe has got a lot of web business potential and that he is looking forward to meeting Eastern Europe entrepreneurs at How To Web 2010. During his presentation at the conference, Chris Grew will explain to you how to ensure that you and your technology business are suitable for investment in a few easy steps.

uberVU is looking forward to seeing you at How To Web 2010!

The team, Seedcamp Week 2008 winners and one of the most successful East European startups, will be attending How To Web 2010. 2 of the co-founders of uberVU, Vladimir Oane (CEO) and Dragos Ilinca (Head of Sales) are saying hi and they are looking forward to seeing you at How To Web this november.

Interview with MailerLite at Seedcamp Week 2010

Among the participants at Seedcamp Week 2010 we have met with 2 young entrepreneurs from Lithuania: the co-founders of MailerLite – Ignas Rubezius and Eimantas Norkunas. MailerLite is an email marketing service provider established in Vilnius, Lithuania in 2008 as The service was first targeted only to the Lithuanian market. In only one year of activity on the lithuanian market, MailerLite managed to become the leader in email marketing on this market. .This success inspired the co-founder to offer email marketing services to other countries as well based on their experience and know-how on the Lithuanian market.

Here is a short interview that the How To Web team had with the MailerLite guys:

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