US versus Europe. Different money build different businesses

How do investors look at businesses “born in Europe” versus the ones “born in the USA”? Are there any differences in your likelihood to raise money depending on your origin? Max Kelly, the Managing Director of Techstars London, took the stage at How to Web Conference 2015 to share his valuable insights on the topic and present the results of a report realized on a batch of 400 Techstars alumni.

Max Kelly has a long background running innovation and entrepreneurship at Virgin. Over the 12 years he had worked there, he was responsible for the strategy of the group, as well as for starting several companies that eventually exited for over 500 million USD (as for example Virgin Insight, Virgin Mobile USA, Virgin Mobile Canada or Virgin Healthbank). Alongside his Virgin commitments, Max also co-founded, a startup he successfully exited back in 2014.

MVP Angels: Our next investment could be you!

We’ve got some great news to share with the early-stage tech startups with global potential! Today we proudly announce the launch of MVP Angels, a micro-financing business angel network that invests an average amount of 50.000 EUR in some of the best alumni of MVP Academy, our accelerator. Ready to take your product to the next level? Searching for mentorship and support in your scaling efforts? Then read on!

What is MVP Angels?

MVP Angels is a business angels network that syndicalises a micro-investment fund for every edition of the MVP Academy accelerator in order to finance some of the best teams in every batch. This is a continuation of the annual investment readiness MVP Academy program: we provide support and an average investment of 50.000 EUR in exchange for equity (a minor stake in the company).

5 Server Monitoring Tools to Run your Website

It’s impossible to imagine the Internet of today without the websites that populate it. These websites do not come into existence out of thin air, but through the use of web servers to bring them online and keep them up. When something goes wrong with the server, like a power interruption, software crash, or even physical damage, then the website goes down and becomes inaccessible, fact that can lead to serious damage for you company. In this guest post Vincent Sevilla, Web Designer for Websitesetup, presents 5 top server monitoring tools than can help you run your website with no hassle.

It’s not just individuals doing web stuff as a hobby, but businesses and companies that rely on websites for much of their online presence, some even for their entire business. Therefore, it’s very important that servers stay up as much as possible. In order to keep them up, website administrators must be able to monitor whatever is going on with the server at all times. That’s where a whole new level of technology is involved to make this possible.

The Anatomy of a Startup:

Growing from 0 to 20 million users starting from Latvia. This is the story of in a nutshell! After making customized data visualisations for the European Commission, the weekly analytical mazine Ir and the Latvian Institute, Uldis Leiterts & Raimonds Kaze, the startup’s Co-Founders, decided to empower people to tell stories with data.

With a rising demand for interactive infographics, they developed a data visualisation software for non-designers that is now used by millions of people & businesses worldwide, including The Huffington Post, Amnesty International or BBC. How did they turn an idea into one of the most successful companies ever born in Latvia? What were their biggest challenges and struggles? Uldis Leiterts, Co-Founder of, took the stage at How to Web Conference 2015 and answered all these (and many other) questions in a fireside chat moderated by Bogdan Iordache, Co-Founder of How to Web.

TechHub Bucharest partners with Google for Entrepreneurs to help startups #GoGlobal

Great things happen in Bucharest. And not only in Bucharest, but all around the world! As you might have heard by now, TechHub, the global community for tech entrepreneurs, has recently announced their global partnership with Google, bringing more opportunities to TechHub’s 700 tech startups around the world. As part of the TechHub global network, TechHub Bucharest will also benefit from the support of Google for Entrepreneurs to help its tech companies #GoGlobal and scale up their businesses.

The great news was shared with TechHubbers, Googlers and key members of the Bucharest tech community during a reception that took place last evening at TechHub Bucharest. Pictures from the event are available online here!

Think Export: Fail Fast to Win Big

Startups are great. There is this guy, the entrepreneur, who has an amazing idea, gathers around him enthusiastic people that work together symbiotically in order to create the perfect product or service. This has huge potential. But what is it that makes the difference between failing and growing into a unicorn? The power to scale rapidly.

If we are talking software and technology, there is huge potential for scalability. But, in order to scale, you need to think big from day 1. In my experience as an online marketer working with Romanian startups that plan to take on the global market, most of them think details and are afraid to go big from the very first day. Causes may vary: they think only in the Romanian market frame, they test the product on our market then plan to expand globally with the same features that might not be suitable for the global market, or they do improper market research.

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