Top-notch investors, entrepreneurs and professionals join MVP Academy. Will you?

With few days left to submit your application for MVP Academy, it’s now time to take a look at the activities we’ve lined up for you, as well as the mentors you’ll work with throughout the accelerator. Today we’re pleased to announce you that active investors, top-notch entrepreneurs and experienced professionals will join the program to help you take your product to the next level and build a sound business. Are you a tech founder working on a product with global potential? Then read on!

MVP Academy kicks off on April 11th, and for the next 2 months, we’ll take you out of your comfort zone and bring you into the startup world at TechHub Bucharest! It’s here where you’ll get lots of learning and work done, while building valuable connections with relevant people in the regional tech industry. No bullshit, just hard work!

MVP Academy Alumni: Lessons Learnt

No bullshit, just hard work! This is the tagline of the MVP Academy accelerator and nothing could better reflect the essence of the program. From product to business development, marketing strategy and fundraising, the MVP Academy alumni learnt valuable lessons that they further applied to drive forward their startups.

We’ve talked with some of our alumni to understand which were the most valuable things they’ve learnt during the program and we’ve put together the presentation below. Check it out to see which were some of the key take-aways for startups that were part of our first two batches. If you’d like to take a closer look at some of their stories, as well as their progress after graduating the program, read the “MVP Academy Alumni: tech startups to watch” blog post we recently published!

MVP Academy alumni: 10 tech startups to watch

28 tech startups have been accelerated in the first two batches of MVP Academy, our accelerator, and we are incredibly proud of their evolution after graduating the program. We’ve already presented you their key results in the MVP Academy follow-up report: it’s now time to take a closer look at what they have been doing lately and how did they progress over the past year(s).

With more than 1 million USD in seed investments and 13 products launched on the global market, we can be nothing but incredibly proud of the evolution of our alumni. In case you are wondering what makes the difference between the best and the rest, oh well, it is their commitment, their teams, as well as the hard work they put into their products, before, during and after the program.

The Fundraising Field Guide: 12 Tips from Carlos Espinal, Seedcamp Partner

Published by Carlos Espinal back in 2015, “The Fundraising Field Guide” helps early-stage tech startup founders decipher and navigate the fundraising process. The book provides an overview of the challenges founders face in their journey, from reaching out to investors to dealing with rejections, understanding valuations and deal terms or managing the legal process. Carlos kindly accepted our invitation to take the stage at How to Web Conference 2015 and share his personal experience of investing in 170+ companies at Seedcamp.

Seedcamp is a first round fund, investing their network, learning and capital to help founders scale their businesses. Over the past 8 years, they’ve backed close to 200 companies ending up with one unicorn and 350+ million USD raised by the alumni in follow-up funding. Seed investor & partner, Carlos leads the startups’ experience from the initial investment to the Seedcamp Academy and beyond. Last year, he pooled his experience into “The Fundraising Field Guide” to equip early-stage tech founders with the know-how they need to successfully raise money.

MVP Academy alumni raised 1 million USD seed investments. And the next one could be you!

28 accelerated startups, more than 1 million USD in seed investments & 13 products launched on the global market. These are, in a nutshell, the results of the first 2 editions of MVP Academy, our accelerator program. And the next one could be you! Tech founder working on a product with global potential? Apply by March 31st and you can be part of the MVP Academy batch of 2016!

You may be wondering at this point what’s it all about. Powered by CyberGhost and organized with the support of Telekom Romania, Bitdefender, BCR, Microsoft, hub:raum, Raiffeisen Bank, and, MVP Academy is an accelerator program the helps you refine your product, bring it to market, generate sales, and raise money! From the benefits you’ll enjoy by joining the program to the eligibility criteria, application guide, selection process and jury, here’s everything you need to know if you want to apply.

Then and now. Accelerators 101

The accelerators’ ecosystem has changed fundamentally over the past few years. How did it all start and where is it headed? When is the right moment to join an accelerator, how should you choose the one that fits your needs and what’s in it for you? We found out the answers to these questions and many others last November at How to Web Conference 2015.

Max Kelly (Managing Director, Techstars London), Martyn Davies (Programme Director & Heads of Engagement, Ignite London), Rune Theill (Co-Founder, Rockstart Accelerator) and Todor Breshkov (Managing Partner, LAUNCHub) are the panelists that kindly accepted our invitation to take the stage and share their valuable insights & experience with the audience. This story presents the key take-aways of the discussion.

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