How to build a strong startup culture. 6 insights from Noel Pullen, Senior Director of Technology, Hootsuite

A manager has to deal with multiple responsibilities. Some of them are easy, while others, such as managing the team, motivating people, working with tight deadlines, can be tough even for those who have enough experience to tackle all this. But how do you prepare for such challenges? What’s the go-to strategy to build a proper startup/company culture? There’s for sure a long road to go and most of the times we have to learn by doing: however, Noel Pullen, Senior Director of Technology at Hootsuite, has shared with us some key insights learnt from his impressive experience.

Check out the winners of How to Web Startup Spotlight 2016

After an amazing journey, How to Web Conference 2016 is a wrap and we are proud to introduce you the winners of this year’s edition of the deal-making program for emerging European tech startups. Without further adds: The Newsroom won the Best Startup Award, the Best Cybersecurity startup award went to LiveMon, MRise won the Best Startup Story award and Enty won the IXIA Innovation Award.

Internet of Eyes: A Sight to Behold & 11 Other Lessons from Investor Evan Nisselson

There is no exaggeration whatsoever in saying that out of all the interviews I’ve done lately Evan is the one person that has made me like him only by reading his answers. This is because of his view on life, because people are important to him (not just the product), and because he was able to give a very concrete definition of what he’s looking for as an investor. Add this to the fact that he likes Italy, we have that in common too.

10 Lessons on How to Be a Smart Startup Founder from Vitaly Golomb, Investor & Global Startup Evangelist


Vitaly Golomb is a Silicon Valley-based investor, serial entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and acclaimed designer. He leads investments at HP Tech Ventures, the corporate venture arm of Silicon Valley’s original startup. Vitaly is also a contributing writer to TechCrunch and author of the upcoming book: Accelerated Startup – The New Business School.

Prior to joining HP Tech Ventures, Vitaly took three companies from idea to exit. One of them wasKeen Systems (Acquired by Aleyant), an award-winning e-commerce software company, the mastermind behind the award-winning “Print is Big” campaign. Vitaly was also the Executive Producer of the Startup AddVenture conference across seven countries.

The pitfalls, challenges and lessons learnt in 30 years of B2B. Interview with Walker Colston, Senior Vice President, Support at Ixia

Walker Colston is Senior Vice President, Support at Ixia and he is responsible for the quality of technical support and clients’ happiness. Part of IXIA’s team since 2003, Walker has over 30 years of experience in the IT&C industry and management. He has also worked for global companies ranked in Top Fortune 500, as well as for startups in the tech field.

The False Sense of Cyber Security in the IT Industry

In a world where Russia is believed to be a cyber threat to the US elections, Yahoo has supposedly aided US email surveillance by adapting their spam filter, Verizon’s CEO, who acquired Yahoo earlier this year, is “not that shocked” about their breach that exposed 500 million users, and social media is linked to the most young terrorists’ recruitment, according to CNBC – cyber security has become a top concern in the IT industry.

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