Paul Papadimitriou, Intelligencr: “Startups that will shape the future are those who will find a way to stand tall”

A new citizen is born, with emerging values & behaviors, enhanced by emerging technologies. We all heard about The Digital Citizen sometimes not being aware that we might have become one.

How we transact, learn, consume, communicate and evolve is changing at an unprecedented pace. In this emerging industrial revolution, Paul Papadimitriou, Founder & Innovation scout at Intelligencr, examines how digital is transforming us.

He looks at the key signifiers in this crowded space and highlights what is important, what isn’t — and what it all means.

He advises companies on how to leverage the new consumer, most recently for the launch of a mobile ecosystem in China. He sometimes invests in startups that he believes are on the forefront of the revolution.

Cosmin Ochisor, Hub:raum: “We think accelerators should be partners, not competitors”

There is a certain gap between an acceleration program and the first serious investment a team should secure after being accelerated. This is a critical interval in an early stage startup, when it still needs support to deliver a product that has achieved product/market fit.

Are European funding programs a possible gap closer? How about corporate accelerators that could support teams for longer than 3-6 months? Should they? We wanted to find out, so we spoke with Cosmin Ochisor, Business Development Manager at Hub:raum acceleration and incubation program of the telecom juggernaut Deutsche Telekom.

Cosmin is highly experienced in a wide variety of business fields within or connected to the telecom industry: Directory Services, Value Added Services and general new business development. His skillset encompasses re-organization/outsourcing processes, M&A and working with multi-skilled international teams. Moreover, he is an experienced product manager in product development, marketing communication (ATL&BTL) and rolling-out new products on the market.

5 key pieces of advice for high-growth tech companies from an experienced PR strategist

You can’t build a high-growth tech company without implementing a proper PR strategy. You may be able to do without PR in your startup’s early stages, but if you want to play with the big boys, you need to have a plan when it comes to building your reputation. The tech environment is highly competitive, extremely dynamic and requires an understanding of its inner workings and unwritten laws. So we wanted to provide the context for a meaningful talk on the matter at How to Web Conference 2014.

Colette is the founder of Ballou PR, a European communications and strategy agency that focuses on high-growth technology and internet companies. The Ballou PR team has had a string of well-documented client success stories including managing the PR strategy for the exit of Musiwave for $100M+, the entry of Facebook and Pinterest in France, the entry of Eventbrite into Europe, as well as successful campaigns for AOL Networks, Evernote, GoEuro, Lakestar, Infectious Media, Seatwave, TechCrunch Disrupt, TransferWise, WhatsApp, White Star Capital and Zendesk. Colette’s 20 years of experience allows her insight into how technology companies can approach their global audiences. She is also an active part of the European startup community, speaking at industry events and mentoring startups through various programs, such as Seedcamp, TechStars and 500 Startups.

Manuel Heilmann, Coinzone: “Romania is the most advanced country in Europe if not worldwide in terms of Bitcoin infrastructure”

Sooner this year, Radu Georgescu, founder of GECAD Group and reputed entrepreneur, having founded companies such as Avangate and ePayment, joined forces with Diwaker Singh and Manuel Heilmann to create Coinzone, a global payment gateway for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, dedicated to European and emerging markets.

The founders of Coinzone are spearheading the efforts of bringing the Bitcoin payment gateway solution to merchants across Europe and the globe. We’re thrilled to have Manuel Heilmann, Co-founder & CEO of Coinzone, at How to Web Conference this year, where he will be part of “The crypto-currencies ecosystem” panel on the main stage.

Ragnar Sass, Pipedrive: “A good product manager can break difficult problems into smaller, less complicated tasks”

How to reach the product/market fit is the goal and the struggle of every startup in its early stage. However, it’s not a moment in time but rather a process, “because you must constantly adjust to a market that is constantly moving”, says Ragnar Sass, Co-Founder & New markets manager at Pipedrive.

His speech at How to Web Conference 2014 Product track – “Building a user-centric product: how to involve your customers in the product development process” – will tackle that delicate product/market fit process.

Ragnar is a serial entrepreneur & co-founder of a simple sales management software called Pipedrive and of the Garage48 startup bootcamp. He also advises startup founders regularly and has organized over 30 hackathons in Eastern Europe and West and East Africa, through the Garage48 Foundation, a non-profit organization promoting startups and entrepreneurship.

One year after launching Pipedrive, the team reached their 1000th customer and was accepted into San Francisco based Angelpad accelerator (established by ex-Googlers). Currently, Pipedrive is backed by investors from the US, UK, Germany & Hong Kong with total of $3.4 million in funding.

Michael Ni, Avangate: “We’re going from one-off buys to long-term relationships in pretty much any industry”

Ecommerce is evolving rapidly from the “traditional” web and mobile transactions to the so called digital commerce. This means more payment platforms and new distribution channels based on Cloud Services. Internet of Things will also bring important changes to the digital commerce ecosystem as smart objects and M2M systems will be able to complete transactions as well.

To understand better how this will impact vendors and customers alike we talked to Michael Ni, Chief Marketing Officer/Senior Vice President Marketing and Products, Avangate. He will speak at How to Web Conference 2014 Future trends & Entrepreneurship track.

Michael’s experience in bringing successful innovation-driven businesses to market spans over 20 years and both Fortune 500 companies and startups. Prior to joining Avangate, Michael served as Vice President of Products at Amdocs, where he drove the definition and development of customer management, retail and commerce applications. He also was Vice President at Oracle Corporation and held executive positions at leading CRM/ERP vendors, technology startups and in strategy consulting.

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