Jens Lapinski, Techstars: “There are five things we care about: Team. Team. Team. Market. Idea”

Techstars is one of the oldest and most sought after accelerators, providing €15,000 in seed funding, intensive mentorship, and a great network of mentors and alumni for 7-10% equity. SendGrid, Digital Ocean, FullContact, Moveline, PivotDesk are some of the program’s alumni.

However startups don’t easily get accepted to one of its 13 weeks programs in Boulder (Colorado, US), New York City, Boston, Seattle, San Antonio, Austin, Chicago or London. Well, at How to Web 2014 we asked Jens Lapinski, Managing Director at Techstars why are they so selective.

Roberto Mangiafico, Bad Seed Entertainment: “Game streaming will change the way we develop and play mobile games”

Are smartphones and tablets replacing mobile consoles as the device of choice for gamers? Is the industry able to make the shift and bring console-like quality to mobile games? We wonder if is the consumer who is asking for the change or is it more of an industry generated trend like, let’s say, the so unsuccessful 3DTV push.

Let’s find out by asking Roberto Mangiafico, CTO at Bad Seed Entertainment, a quite fresh developer with offices in the US and Italy. His team of experienced video game industry veterans intends exactly to bring the quality of console games to mobile.

Roberto, whose background includes a great mix of experience as Team and Project Manager and as Senior Gameplay Programmer, delivered a speech on How to Web’s Game development track.

Mat Clayton, Mixcloud: “Data will only become more important as the skills to interpret and understand it become better understood”

A music service created and grown by hackers, not the showbiz and entertainment industry? That sounds as cool as it can be and makes us wonder how they run their business differently and more user centric.

Mixcloud, one of the fastest growing European startups, has also become increasingly popular for hosting long-form audio like radio shows, DJ mixes / mixtapes and podcasts.

We spoke with Mat Clayton, the CTO and co-founder or Mixcloud who’s lessons about product development are more than worth to be considered. He had a talk at this year’s How to Web Conference’s Product track.

Lyuben Belov, LAUNCHub: “Bringing startups and angel investors together is the best way”

Startups in the CEE have now the opportunity to apply to an accelerator and they’ve got hundreds of options to chose from, around the world or even within the region. But their objective is to secure an investment from an angel or even a VC.

In the last few years the regional startup ecosystem has been developed significantly with local accelerators and investment funds being raised. The interest for the CEE region of the Western VCs has also increased but there’s still a gap in funding from local investors that needs to be filled.

Dan Olthen, Bigpoint: “Like the distribution shifts from boxed games to digital, the business models also evolve”

When it comes to such a popular franchise as Game of Thrones, developers of a videogame based on this fantasy universe are reluctant to give any specific details regarding its production. But the experience of building such a product is something that cannot be missed.

So we sat with Dan Olthen, Producer at Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms at Bigpoint GmbH, as he he spoke on the Game Development track at this year’s How to Web Conference.

Dan is a games producer living in Berlin. His beginnings in the industry started in Bucharest in 2007 and had him work for companies such as Gameloft, Electronic Arts, Spellbound, GameDuell and Bigpoint.

Martyn Davies, SendGrid: “Creative spirit can only be fostered in teams that are given time and space to be truly creative”

Hackathons. We all love them not just for the pizzas and Red Bulls but for the fun of being together and just work on an idea. And they are an important tool for building a startup and even as an internal tool to boost a company.

Martyn Davies, Developer Evangelist at SendGrid (EMEA), creative developer, product manager, technical consultant and experienced hack day organiser, explained us how this type of events can influence even the internal product development cycle of a company like SendGrid.

Martyn is also a serial mentor on many accelerator programmes throughout Europe as well as working directly advising many startups at early, sharing his knowledge on building tech products with early-stage startups.

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