Internet of Eyes: A Sight to Behold & 11 Other Lessons from Investor Evan Nisselson

There is no exaggeration whatsoever in saying that out of all the interviews I’ve done lately Evan is the one person that has made me like him only by reading his answers. This is because of his view on life, because people are important to him (not just the product), and because he was able to give a very concrete definition of what he’s looking for as an investor. Add this to the fact that he likes Italy, we have that in common too.

Lessons learnt from failure: from to Bunch

An interesting product does not necessarily translate into a viable business. This is a common mistake first-time entrepreneurs make: they invest a lot of time and energy in building a nice-to-have product that eventually fails. Back in 2014, monitored all your social media activity, stored your interests and turned them into actionable items. They were part of the first batch of MVP Academy and seemed to have promising perspectives ahead.  

And still… a couple of months after graduating the program they closed doors. How and why did this happen and why did they decide to start again with Bunch, an event networking app? Andrei Diaconu, Co-Founder of Bunch, kindly accepted our invitation to share their experience and the lessons learnt along this journey.

John Bernard, Mozilla: How to make your digital marketing strategy stand out of the crowd

Shaping a digital marketing strategy that breaks out of the “other” category is no easy task to do, particularly when you have budget constraints and you’re on a tight schedule. This is why we were happy that John Bernard the Director of Global Marketing, Firefox OS, at Mozilla, kindly accepted our invitation to take the stage at How to Web Conference 2015 and share his experience on the matter.

John has been leading the strategy and Go-to-Market activity for Firefox OS, mobile OS for first-time smartphone buyers that has seen successful market introductions in 46 countries since its launch in 2013. Prior to this, he held senior global marketing roles within Sony Ericsson, LG and Siemens. In 2013, John achieved the ‘UK Marketer of the Year’ award from Marketing Week magazine and he is a spokesperson within the mobile phone industry.

Friends not foes. How startups and corporations can work together to foster innovation

Contrary to the general belief, startups and corporations are friends, not foes, and there are several ways in which they can collaborate for their mutual benefit, while fostering innovation and the development of the tech ecosystem. On one hand, startups can gain from the experience and network of corporations to scale faster and take their products to the next level. At the other side of the spectrum, corporations also benefit by bringing innovation and the startup dynamics into their structure. And this is one of the reasons strategic partnerships between the two can turn into win-win collaborations.

Olaf Lausen, the Chief of Staff (of the CEO) and Business Development Director of Telekom Romania, will take the stage at How to Web Conference 2015 to share his experience on closing strategic partnerships with startups for the greater benefit. He is a business development manager with 15+ years of experience and he is in charge with New Business Development at Telekom Romania, as well as strategic projects. Olaf is a trusted advisor for startups, helping them find the support they need in the Deutsche Telekom Group, and he kindly accepted our invitation to share his thoughts on the matter and give us a sneak preview of his talk at How to Web.

Helpful is the next big thing! 5 growth hacking tips from Sujan Patel

Renowned growth hacker, marketer and serial entrepreneur, Sujan Patel has 12+ years of experience in digital marketing and hes the Co-Founder of, a tool that helps users automate and scale their content marketing strategies. He co-authored two e-books: 100 Days of Growth, which has sold over 10.000 copies to date, and Content Marketing Playbook and he kindly accepted our invitation to take the stage at How to Web Conference 2015 to share with us some of his most successful and actionable growth hacking tactics.

Before that, however, we took the opportunity to discuss with him for a sneak preview of his talk and we found out some growth hacking tips & tricks that we’re happy to share with you today.

How to grow your business with killer content

Content marketing is an effective tool at hand that can help you grow your business. However, with 2.5 million stories being shared on Facebook every single minute, how can you make your content stand out of the crowd? How can you start and scale your own content marketing strategy that supports you in reaching your business objectives?

Intercom, a leading SaaS company that offers a fundamentally new way to communicate with your customers, has successfully used content to grow is brand and customer base. Thousands of people visit the award winning Inside Intercom blog every month to read a mix of articles on product management, customer support, design and startups. Along with its associated podcasts, books and social media, Intercom’s content marketing strategy is an insightful example on how content can strengthen your brand and generate significant new business for your company.

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