Interview with David Bizer, Partner Talent Fountain & ex-Chief Talent Geek, HackFwd

David Bizer is possibly one of the most skilled talent recruiters we’ve ever met. We’re actually pretty sure that’s the case. But allow us to briefly tell you why we dare use such a superlative.

David is currently a Partner with Talent Fountain, a boutique recruitment and talent management consulting firm, with clients all across Europe. But before this venture, he was Chief Talent Geek with HackFwd. HackFwd was a prominent pre-seed investment company and David was in charge of identifying and evaluating talented individuals and teams for potential investments. His tech recruiting skills were previously employed by companies such as Netscape and Google, having recruited and hired more than 4000 top-caliber candidates across more than 25 countries in the past 15 years.

But David’s abilities go beyond just recruiting talent, as he has advises numerous startups on all aspects of their business. And this year he’s coming to How to Web to talk about a delicate, but important topic for him and for the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem in Europe: his 3 year journey with HackFwd. Before that, we caught him for a short interview:

Interview with Sitar Teli, VC & future How to Web speaker

If you could build towards one goal in your life, what would that goal be? Many of us are still searching for that inspiring objective, but Sitar is one of those people who is completely focused on the precise passion that fuels her. Sitar has dedicated her career to supporting early-stage startups and getting seed investment for those who prove worthy. Currently, she is Managing Partner at Connect Ventures, but she is also involved in mentoring great teams.

Her venture capitalist positions in various companies have made her a keen observer of the way that investments are negotiated, approved and carried out. Her focus on seed investment and her structured way of offering advice makes Sitar a person that all startups want to meet. Lucky for you, she’ll be attending How to Web, where she will be talking about “Core Metrics: What Web and Mobile Companies Should Focus on“.

But until November 20 & 21, we can focus on these remarks by Sitar which will give you something to build upon when pitching for seed investment:

Interview with Thomas Hartwig, co-founder & CTO King

Thomas‘s keynote is one of those talks we’re all really looking forward to seeing at How to Web, in just 2 weeks from now. The subject will be Building a long-term company in the tech world, which is not only challenging, but also demanding in terms of the capacity for anticipation, ability to adjust to change and the strength to maintain a coherent vision of the future.

King’s company history is marked by amazing milestones, achieved in the course of more than 10 years. It’s not just a gaming company: it’s a lesson about playing it for the long term, about building success with constancy, a good team and strategies based on organic growth rather than following passing trends.

Until we hear Thomas talk about their incredible ride, we wanted to ask him just a few questions to work out an appetite for his knowledge:

Interview with Max Gurvits: VC & Startup Spotlight mentor

Max’s story is one about crossing lines, constantly reinventing oneself and using your experience to advance to increasingly complex projects and challenges. Max went from being a lawyer to becoming an entrepreneur, and then turned himself into an investment banker and, subsequently, into an early-stage VC. His career path certainly follows an ascendent trend and now he is a Partner at Teres Capital and evangelist for Eleven Startup Accelerator.

In 3 weeks he’ll be talking on the Ignite stage at How to Web about the most common mistakes startup founders make and what can be done to avoid major pitfalls. That’s why we tried to get some essential information from him, so you can prepare your questions for when you get to meet him.

You’ll find some well targeted, subtle conclusions that Max has drawn from his experience, built around resource distribution, how to overcome the most critical phase in a startup’s development and challenges for the CEE startup ecosystem.

Interview with Malin-Iulian Stefanescu – How to Web speaker & Startup Spotlight mentor

Malin is that straight to the point, very knowledgeable guy that does magic with his project management skills. He defines himself as a software house manager, and his company is developing one of a kind major software projects, currently employing 80 programmers and being an IBM, Microsoft and Oracle certified partner.

A man of few words, but many insights, we picked Malin’s brain for a few answers on questions that all startups face.

1. From your experience, what are the most common mistakes that startups make while getting their product ready to go to market?

Interview with Vitaly Golomb – future How to Web speaker and Startup Spotlight mentor

Vitaly is a man of many talents: entrepreneur, mentor, designer, blogger and speaker, he specializes in product development, user experience, user acquisition, printing industry, and venture capital. Many startups are currently benefiting from his experience and knowledge at accelerators such as 500 Startups, TechPeaks or Innovation Nest. Vitaly is also an Executive Producer at Europe Venture Summit, so he has a lot of experience both with the US/Canadian and European startup ecosystems, being able to objectively point out their strengths and weaknesses. Here’s a sneak peek into the talk he will deliver at How to Web in a few weeks:

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