Interview with Zoli Herczeg, Business Evangelist @ Microsoft Romania

There are a couple of tech guys in Romania who are constantly involved in helping out entrepreneurs and tech startups to evolve and improve their products. One of these experienced guys is Zoli, Business Evangelist at Microsoft Romania. Zoli is a member of DPE (Developer and Platform Evangelism), a group within Microsoft that focuses on the adoption of Microsoft platforms and technologies among tech communites (developers, designers, IT professionals, architects, students, etc.). That means that Zoli not only knows almost everyone in these communities, but he is also present at every important event or competition, such as Startup Spotlight, where he will be mentoring the finalist teams.

The Avangate story: lessons learned from developing a CEE startup & taking it worldwide

Avangate‘s story is both fascinating to analyze and something that startups in the region aspire to be. It’s a tech startup whose trajectory has been built with tremendous passion and keen business insights, coupled with sharp technical skills and a very competent team.

To better grasp the key elements in the company’s evolution, we interviewed Carmen Sebe, Chief Operating Officer at Avangate. Carmen is one of the people who has grown professionally along with Avangate’s evolution, having been part of GECAD since 1996 and having led multiple companies within the group. Carmen is part of the core team of Avangate, handling operational performance, business processes, risk management and the complex clients support system. She’s been heading Avangate as CEO since its early startup stage until the summer of 2011 and she also led the first investment round from 3TS Cisco Growth Fund in March 2011.

In this special material for the How to Web blog, Carmen talks about some important milestones, the challenges of scalability, legal aspects and management tactics used to keep a solid company culture. Enjoy!

Interview with Luka Sučić, Evangelist at Hub:raum Krakow

Enter a new breed of accelerators that facilitate your connection to the channels, user base and business leverage that only a corporate entity has. Hub:raum is one of these accelerators and what they offer is certainly alluring for startups whose focus is telecom, video & multiscreen, mobile, customer analytics & big data, cyber security, health or the internet of things. And that’s because hub:raum is Deutsche Telekom’s own accelerator. If you’re a mobile oriented startup, this is the place for you!

We did a short interview with Luka Sučić, Evangelist at Hub:raum Krakow, so we could find out more about the recipe that makes Hub:raum an accelerator with a special recipe for propelling your business to the right market:

Interview with Daniel Lynch, Startup Spotlight jury member & mentor

Before we dive into How to Web next week, we still have some words of wisdom to share with you coming from some of the key people who will be attending the conference. One of these key people is Daniel Lynch, the managing partner of 3TS. He is one of the investors who will be involved in Startup Spotlight both as a jury member and as a mentor, but you can also catch him around the event.

Mr. Lynch has an incredible amount of experience with venture funding and is primarily responsible for originating, executing and managing direct investments as well as the overall investment management of 3TS. Central Europe is the environment he knows best, as his background in the CEE Venture Capital and Private Equity industry spans over 20 years. So if you’re looking for investment, you can get to know Mr. Lynch through this short interview:

Interview with Michael Wawra, Twilio Evangelist & future How to Web speaker

The IT guy with a law degree – that’s something you don’t see every day. Michael is one of those people who’s story is captivating: he went from building his own toaster (the learnings of which went to become a TED talk) to becoming a tech evangelist. His background spent in a mixture of Research and Corporate environments in London, continental Europe and the United States, gives Michael the ability to relate to developers’ issues everywhere.

His goal is to empower developers, to help them solve problems, from service architectures to operations and processes. His biggest passion? Ruby on Rails. That’s why Michael will be part of a very interesting discussion about tools for developers at How to Web next week.

So as a preamble to having him on stage, we interviewed Michael and picked up some stimulating ideas:

Interview with Jorg Sutara, co-founder Paymill: explore your window of opportunity

Jörg is co-founder and CMO of Paymill, an innovative online payment service provider for Europe, founded in June 2012 in Munich. Prior to Paymill, Jörg was an Associate with Booz & Company covering strategy, marketing and operations projects in Europe and South-East Asia. Jörg’s experience with management and execution oversight fundamentally contributed to Paymill’s precision in applying their development strategy.

Jörg’s insights about developing a robust startup while maintaining focus and building a strong company culture are worth reading carefully and applying. Check them out:

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