Startup Spotlight: Appticles

Test, validate, learn! These three words are a perfect match if we were to describe the evolution of Appticles, startup that creates mobile web apps for publishers. Ciprian Borodescu and Alexandra Anghel, its Co-Founders, invested a couple of years in creating a product thats now used by publishers and content creators all around the world. And it paid off, since they finally got the perfect match.

Their story dates back to 2005, when they started an outsourcing agency. 5 years later, they decided to start building their own product and they were the only Romanian team accepted in the Startupbootcamp program with an idea about green websites that would neutralize their Carbon Dioxide footprint by buying carbon credits. Although the idea was abandoned, the experience of being in such a program was a real game changer: they learnt how to pitch, how to talk to potential investors and clients, and they acknowledged the impact that a strong network has over the growth of your product.

Startup Spotlight: Traderion

In trading, as well as in gaming, it’s all about the numbers. And the 1 million dollars you plan to raise in the next 5 months. When two guys with a mind for finance and computer algorithms decide to go on an entrepreneurial adventure, it’s bound to be something huge. It’s the story of Florin Cioaca and Florin Grosu, the two Co-Founders of Traderion, a testing and training tool for traders that uses an advanced trading simulator.

The two met at a summer school in finance where they organized a trading game for students. “It was entirely paper based, pretty much exactly like trading was done before the computers. The students quickly became addicted and wanted to continue playing even after the program was over. They suggested we create an online version of the game so they can continue playing and that is how the product was born”, the co-founders of Traderion begin their story.

Startup Spotlight: Marketizator

How do you convince Samsung, Telekom or Forbes to become your clients? You build them the world’s easiest integrated solution for conversion optimization. That’s exactly what Valentin Radu, the CEO of Marketizator, a conversion rate optimization tool, did: he capitalized on a need. His own at first. While working at RCA ieftin (one of the largest online insurance players in Romania, a company he founded and managed), he felt the need to find a complete solution to increase business performance.

“I struggled with losing a lot of money on traffic generation and there was no conversion optimization solution on the market that would suit my needs. I needed not only A/B testing to optimize the website, but a complete tool that would allow us to apply all the creative ideas. Thus, I decided to develop the ideal tool with the help of Ciprian Drăgoi, the brilliant geek mind that made everything possible”, says Valentin.

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