Shaping the future of work. The story of UiPath

When two guys with a strong background in mathematics, computer science and automation get together, theyre bound to create a product that will shape the future. The future of work, in the case of UiPath, where next generation robots powered by computer vision and AI will be as common as PCs in the workplace.

When you design the technology, you are the future, seems to be the motto of Daniel Dines (CEO) and Marius Tirca (CTO), the two co-founders of UiPath, a startup that specializes in building robotic process automation solutions.

John Bernard, Mozilla: How to make your digital marketing strategy stand out of the crowd

Shaping a digital marketing strategy that breaks out of the “other” category is no easy task to do, particularly when you have budget constraints and you’re on a tight schedule. This is why we were happy that John Bernard the Director of Global Marketing, Firefox OS, at Mozilla, kindly accepted our invitation to take the stage at How to Web Conference 2015 and share his experience on the matter.

John has been leading the strategy and Go-to-Market activity for Firefox OS, mobile OS for first-time smartphone buyers that has seen successful market introductions in 46 countries since its launch in 2013. Prior to this, he held senior global marketing roles within Sony Ericsson, LG and Siemens. In 2013, John achieved the ‘UK Marketer of the Year’ award from Marketing Week magazine and he is a spokesperson within the mobile phone industry.

From 0 to 15 million. The story of Envoy

How do you get from having a small US company as a client to being in 1500 offices around the world and raising 15 million USD in funding from Andreessen Horowitz? By identifying a problem, finding a solution and executing it right, as Larry Gadea, the CEO & Co-Founder of Envoy, demonstrates.

One of the youngest employees of Google and, later on, software engineer at Twitter, Larry was “funemployed” when he realized what a messy user experience people had when visiting companies’ offices. Said and done, he built Envoy, an iPad based visitor management product that has taken off like wildfire. With more than 1 million registered visitors, Envoy is now used in 1500+ offices worldwide, it’s available in 18 languages and it has a customer base constantly growing at a 15% rate from one month to another. It’s getting crazy, as Larry confesses, and he will join us next week at How to Web Conference 2015 to share with you his experience and the lessons learnt along this exciting journey.

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