Soft32 launches Soft32Updater

Soft32 recently launched Soft32Updater, a program designed to scan the PC for the latest software updates and give a notification when one is available, also offering an online interface for downloading the updates.

A product meant to complement the company’s main activity

The Romanian company based in Sibiu that, up to now, was specialized in providing software reviews, now enters the market of software developers.

Asked about how this fits into the company’s business strategy, Lucian Todea, Soft32 CEO & Founder, said: “We still review software and we are still going to do that. Soft32 Updater is developed as an extension of our original service and we believe it complements it very well by first of all solving a major problem most PC and Windows users are having: chasing, searching, finding and installing the latest software versions. Soft32Updater is just the first step we are taking right now towards fulfilling our vision of making the finding, downloading, installing and buying apps on Windows powered PCs a fun and easy-to-do task.”

Focusing on home-users from the mature markets

In reference to the type of user they’re counting on, Lucian Todea said: “In this phase, we are especially looking for home users no matter if they are tech-savy or not, but a corporate version might become a viable option too for us in the future.”

Aiming their focus on big and mature markets, Soft32 states they have plans of bringing a localized version for all major markets and languages.