RAMP – the “how to scale” conference: Budapest, July 11-12

RAMP is the conference that every co-founder wishes they had attended before they ran into explosive growth – all about how to scale engineering from 1 to 1 Million users.

Three Budapest startups, LogMeIn, Prezi and Ustream, wanted to add a new genre of conference where the best engineers and developers would discuss the challenges they faced. These conferences are for hardcore technical experts and also serve as an exploration of technology pioneering in Europe. 

Startup Live Bucharest #2 – this weekend at TechHub Bucharest

The second edition of Startup Live Bucharest will take place on June 7-9 at TechHub Bucharest. The event aims to reunite young people passionate about tech, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Among the participants typologies, organizers name mobile developers, young people passionate about the business environment, business journalists, web designers and entrepreneurs from the online field looking for co-founders or mentors. The project aims to be a meeting place for the young entrepreneurs and also a way of validating their business projects and finding new opportunities.

WordCamp Transylvania – gathering WordPress lovers in Cluj-Napoca on June 1-2

On June 1st and 2nd, Cluj-Napoca will be the host of another appealing event to the tech community. This time, Cluj guys have brought WordCamp – the Romanian conference for the WordPress community – to their home town. This will be the 4th yearly conference, aiming to gather both WordPress developers and users.

“WordCamp coming to Cluj is a natural evolution as we have many WordPress enthusiasts in the Cluj, Oradea, Timisoara area. Adding to that the fact that we managed to get support from the BEST students association and the support of the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca in organizing the event, I think this will all contribute to offering a unique experience to the participants.” – said Stas Sușcov, one of the organizers.
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