Why you MUST attend MVP Academy

If you’re an early-stage startup in the CEE and still pondering whether or not you will benefit from MVP Academy, here’s some extra info on what we’ve planned for you and why, to help you decide.

Why is this right for YOU:

We’ve created MVP Academy with you in mind. We know you’re struggling to reach the sweet product-market fit spot, trying to figure out who your best clients are, how to reach them, how to best serve their needs and, you know, how to make a living out of it. This is why you will:

Startup Spotlight 2013 – what we’re doing better than last year

Last year we transformed our competition for startups into the fully-fledged 4 days program we now call Startup Spotlight. From 2010, when we organized Startup Challenge as a simple on-stage pitching competition for 8 startups, until today when we’re again going for the long 4-days run, it’s been a constant learning process for us.

We’ve had great results last year, and we’ve nailed many parts of the program. We managed to gather early-stage startups in the same room with investors interested in exactly that type of startups, and, as a result of this compatibility, investments happened. We managed to put the teams in contact with the right people to mentor them, and learning and great product-building followed.

“Double down on what works, improve on the rest” – this is our motto, so here’s what we learned and what we plan to do differently:

Startup Spotlight Success Story: Monitor Backlinks gets investment from SOS Ventures

Monitor Backlinks was a finalist for Startup Spotlight 2012, where they met Bill Liao of SOS Ventures, who later became their first investor. Now, Monitor Backlinks is developing nicely, taking part in Lisbon Challenge, having pitched for Mini Seedcamp Lisbon and looking to the future for more great developments. Here’s their story related to Startup Spoltlight, in the words of founder Razvan Girmacea:

As an entrepreneur, I always look for situations I can put myself in or new people I could meet, to push my startup forward.

In the Autumn of 2012 I was searching for a validation for Monitor Backlinks and I decided to go wherever I could go on a minimum budget, to make my product known and learn new things, get new perspectives.

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