SaaS Product Metrics: tips & tricks from experienced product managers

In our quest to develop useful and profitable products, it’s important to track the right metrics to guide the product-related decisions. And any product manager out there should be careful to pick the right metrics, monitor them and adjust the actions of the product team accordingly. This topic was discussed at length last November on the Startups Stage of How to Web Conference 2015 during the SaaS Product Metrics panel organized with the support of Product Tank Bucharest.

Martin Eriksson (Co-Founder, Mind the Product & product management professional with 18+ years of experience), Edial Dekker (Co-Founder of Gidsy and ex-Product Manager, Eventbrite), Vladimir Oane (Master of Product, Hootsuite), and Kalman Kemenczy (Director of Product, Prezi) were the panelists that shared best practices and valuable insights with the audience in a discussion moderated by Bulent Duagi, Co-Founder of Mobile Academy and one of the community leaders of Product Tank Romania. They offered some valuable tips & tricks learnt from their experience and we are happy to share these with you.

Mendeley: from start to exit, then growing again

Several million dollars in VC funding… 200 employees… A global research network with 4+ million users… 2500+ advisors all around the globe… An exit… This is a story of Mendeley in a nutshell and, at a first glance, it is the dream of any tech founder out there. And still, there’s always the untold version of any success story: the dark side, the difficult moments, the struggles. Jan Reichelt, Co-Founder & Manging Director of Mendeley, took the stage last November at How to Web Conference 2015, to present the inside story of the company and the emotional rollercoaster they faced from the beginning until the exit and beyond.

Entrepreneur at heart, Jan has spent his professional career in tech startups, professional information services and digital media. After working as an advisor to the supervisory board of SAP, he started Mendeley in London and grew it into one of the hottest education technology startups worldwide. The company was acquired in 2013 by RELX Group (formerly Reed Elsevier), Europe’s largest media company, and Jan has been working on the successful integration and he’s been executing the company’s vision of building a global research collaboration platform ever since.

Raising VC money: advice from both sides of the table

If you get to the stage where you need VC funding, you should be proud of yourself: this is something not many companies achieve, and it’s a proof that you did things right. However, raising VC money may come in as a challenge, particularly for inexperienced startup founders, and it’s no easy task to find the right VC fund, close the deal and successfully manage the relationship afterwards.

When is the right moment to start looking for VC funding? What are VCs actually searching for? What’s the process and how should you tackle the negotiations? How can you further work together with the VC to develop and support a common vision for your company? Florin Cornianu & Tudor Bastea, the Co-Founders of 123ContactForm, found the answer to these questions and many others while closing a deal with 3TS Capital. Last November they took the stage at How to Web Conference together with Daniel Lynch, Managing Partner, 3TS Capital, to share the lessons learnt from both sides of the table.

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