How to Web 2014 Product track: the long road from sketch to product and how to shorten it

What makes a good product? How important is design? How to find the best deployment strategy and how to reach that sweet spot of product/market fit?

The road to market of a simple idea that evolves into a product is quite complicated. Paved with ups and downs, forks and crossroads, difficult choices and, very often, even with complete U turns.

These are only some of the questions that product managers (in tech companies and startups alike) ask themselves along the road… And at this year’s How to Web Conference we’re determined to find actionable answers. This is why we’ve prepared a special Product track to address the matter.

Those who dare to fail will achieve greatly

1460200_741549062541214_1862033684_nIn tech business there are always two sides to every story and you should have at least one fully covered. You can come from either side, with a solid technical background or a good business experience, but it must be one or the other. Ideally, both. And the classical example here is Apple. Steve Jobs might have not succeed if the technical genius of Steve Wozniak would have not been backed up by Mike Markkula’s experience as an angel investor.

Sometimes, an entrepreneur has a good business idea, but doesn’t know how to build the product. But usually when it comes to tech startups it’s the other way around: some “geek” has a product idea but has no clue — or at least much less clues than he thinks he has — of how to bring it to market.

But one thing entrepreneurs must not have is the dread to fail.

How to Web 2014 Game development track: the rise, funding & marketing of the gaming industry

It’s gaming time in Europe! Seriously. In the last couple of years, online and mobile gaming have gained tremendous traction in some countries in Central and Eastern Europe, even stepping ahead of their western counterparts.

For example, the report released by Research and Markets on Europe Online Gaming Market 2014 shows that Eastern European countries had a higher share of users who play networked games than in Western Europe, with Croatia in the lead. In Poland, computer games remained a major segment of the gaming market in 2013, but social, mobile games and online MMOs are catching up.

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