MVP Academy Batch of 2016: Demo Day

We’re close to wrapping up the 3rd edition of MVP Academy accelerator after 2 months of hard work. The 17 startups in our batch of 2016 are now getting ready to take the stage during Demo Day to pitch their products & showcase their progress. Save your front row seat here to help us create a challenging audience for these guys!

MVP Academy Demo Day will take place on Monday, May 30, 17:00 at Cinema Pro (Blvd. I.C. Bratianu, no. 6) and will bring together 500+ key actors in the regional tech ecosystem: investors, successful entrepreneurs, tech professionals, journalists, potential partners and community leaders. The startups in the MVP Academy batch of 2016 will pitch their products & business models on stage and will then have the chance to network with people in the audience and hence to identify further development opportunities, start discussions for new financing rounds and/or potential strategic partnerships.

MVP Academy 2016: Meet the coaches

We’re one month into MVP Academy accelerator now and it’s an intense experience for both ourselves, the team behind the program, and the 17 promising startups that are part of our batch. We’ve been working together over the past weeks and we got loads of learning and work done. The startups have been attending dedicated workshops, “Ask me anything” & mentoring sessions, and, above all these, they received hands-on support from our trusted coaches during the 1-on-1 weekly meetings.

Most of the startups that are part of MVP Academy Batch of 2016 have already launched their products (or preorders will be available soon), they generate revenues and/or have at least one active client or pilot in place. They are committed to build sound businesses at global scale and their hard work translated into significant progresses being made so far. Hence the need to bring onboard more experienced coaches to offer business consultancy and help our startups shape their strategies and launch their products on the global market.

Metrics, Metrics: Measure to optimize

You can only manage what you can measure. You’ve probably heard this old saying before, and it is widely applicable when it comes to product management. You need to choose the right metrics to look at and have a good understanding of them in order to be able to optimize every single stage of your product development process. This is what the MVP Academy Batch of 2016 learnt this week in a workshop delivered by Bogdan Ripa, Director of Product at Vector Watch & MVP Academy Coach.

Entrepreneur at heart, Bogdan has Co-Founded his first startup when he was only 21 years old. He started by doing outsourcing work (consultancy for websites, web apps, ERP systems, analytics tools), but he got bored by doing repetitive things and decided to make a shift and start building his own products. 6 years later, the company he Co-Founded was bought by Adobe Romania, where he worked in engineering and product management until last year. Bogdan is an experienced product manager that enjoys creating products to help people deliver excellent online experiences for their customers. He is now Director of Product for Vector Watch, while offering hands-on product support to the startups that are currently accelerated in MVP Academy Batch of 2016.

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