10 books for online entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are all about experimenting, trying out crazy new things and learning from experience rather than from theory. Just like Oscar Wilde said “Experience is the name we give to our mistakes“. Nevertheless, it can sometimes be a good idea to learn from others’ mistakes as well. And what better idea than reading books sharing experiences of successful or less successful entrepreneurs?

Sweat equity – what’s it worth?

As an entrepreneur or a wanna-be founder you probably know that one of the main challenges you will need to face in the early stages is how to allocate equity between co-founders and their very different types of contributions. A difficult task, indeed, but obviously not an impossible one.

Sink or swim? 5 men in a start-up boat

Those of you who have ever taken part in or ever considered taking part in a Seecamp or MiniSeedcamp competition have probably noticed that the organisers advise to have at least 3 and no more than 5 members in the team. Where does this magic number come from? Is 5 a meaningful number in a start-up?

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