Networking effectively at conferences. Tips & tricks

Networking effectively while at conferences is no easy task to do, especially for those of us who are not naturals here. How can you avoid those awkward situations, have meaningful conversations and build valuable connections with people that matter? With few days left until How to Web Conference 2015, we’re grateful that Colette Ballou, Founder & President of Ballou PR, has kindly accepted our invitation to write this guest blog post and share with us valuable insights on the matter. Follow her tips to enhance your networking experience at How to Web and beyond!

Conferences are awkward situations. You want to make the most of your time – chances are that you paid not only for the entrance fee, but also for the flight and the hotel. But why do we fail to make meaningful connections at conferences? Because we forget the perspective of the very people we are trying to connect with.

How to bring back your visitors with email retargeting

Today it’s easier than ever to bring back the website visitors that expressed their interest in your product / services offering. Far from being a novelty for marketers out there, retargeting is a form of marketing automation that can help you out. In this guest post, Rares Banescu, the CEO & Founder of, shares some tips on how to create a CRM and email retargeting strategy that can help you reach your business objectives.

To start with the beginning, there are several forms of retargeting an online business can use to bring back its visitors and increase conversions: