The business game has changed

Business as usual today is a risky business. As entrepreneurs and business owners, our potential clients have so many choices these days. The Internet makes it easy for anyone to educate themselves about various alternatives available. Did you know that 70% of the buyer’s journey happens BEFORE a client even talks to a potential seller?

That means that someone interested in buying a product would research online and most likely even make up their mind on the product or service to buy, without the seller knowing anything. … Which means that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to be the preferred choice for your preferred clients.

How to write effective emails: tips & tricks

You might’ve faced the problem of email overload: those days when you’re in front of your computer trying to do some actual work and emails from all sorts of people keep pouring in. And still email is one of the most used forms of communication in the business world today. In this overcrowded landscape, how do you make your emails stand out of the crowd? Cristina Smarandache, Marketing Specialist @, offers some valuable tips on how to write effective emails in this guest post.

What do you expect from your customers when you send them an email? An answer / a reaction, right? Oh well, in order to achieve this goal, you have to write effective emails that people really want to read. Just think about how many emails each and everyone of us receives on a daily basis, and write yours to make sure it stands out.

Take-aways from UX Bucharest to building better products

Experience matters! And this is why our friends from the UX Design community organised the very first edition of UX Bucharest, a unique event for UX aficionados in Eastern Europe. The conference took place in mid-October in Bucharest and brought together designers, UX professionals and managers that learnt new stuff and got inspired by the speakers taking the stage. Monica Obogeanu, Product Manager @ MozaicLabs, attended UX Bucharest and she accepted our invitation to write this guest post presenting the key take-aways from the conference.

I’ve recently attended UX Bucharest, the first conference dedicated to UX in Romania. As a product manager in a startup, I’m also in charge with designing the user experience of our product. Thus, here is my take-away list from the conference talks, structured as a checklist to keep in mind about your product, when going from the idea stage, to the point where you have happy and un-happy customers.

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