How to market your business like Star Wars

Every month, over 500.000 new businesses are started. It seems like a big number, but keep in mind that 30% of those businesses will go under within 2 years. Half of them will close their doors for good before they even hit five years. The odds are against you. But what if I told you that the best practical business advice comes from the most unlikely source – the show business? Star Wars, to be more exact!

In this guest post, Sorin Amzu from Evonomix explores 9 actionable tactics you can use to market your business, using insights from Star Wars. Invited to browse through these tactics you are!

5 Useful Apps for Freelancers & Entrepreneurs

It takes a great deal of motivation to start your own business and get your ideas out there. The same holds true if you’re freelancing. You’ve got full control over your time, and this means that you’ve got to be organized and productive to get stuff done on time and quality. It’s no easy task to do, and this guest blog post outlines a couple of apps that may help you out in the process.

Both entrepreneurs and freelancers are known to be non-conformists, people who follow their instincts and avoid dogma. There are lots of challenges they face along their way, and one of the biggest is having enough time to tackle all the issues that arise, to focus on what’s important and be productive all along the way. And here’s where modern technology comes to play.

12 Useful Chrome Extensions for Web Developers & Designers

Google Chrome is a powerful web browser that’s made even better by its abilities to make use of extensions. These extensions can add more functionalities to the browser, going beyond just being able to look up website to the point that Chrome can do about anything you’d expect to do in other software applications. If you’re a web developer or designer looking to use Chrome at its best, check out the Chrome extensions outlined in this guest post!

Depending on what you tend to do in Chrome, there are different extensions available that can help you with just about anything. Check them out here and use them to turn Chrome into a veritable web development test bench.

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